About Fine Wines World Cellar

Fine Wines World Cellar or sometimes simply referred to by our domain name Finewines.co.nz, both are the trading name of Eliam Trade and Utilities Ltd., registered and started trading since the year 2012. For most of the company timeline, the business had been devoted to export. In particular, moving top-quality New Zealand wines to the People’s Republic of China.

In early 2020, the export side of the business has been hampered by international travel restrictions due to Covid’s widespread. Instead of sitting and wait for miracles, the company shifted part of its resource to trade wines domestically within NZ as a retailer. It has since positioned its wine stocks to be prestigious, globally sourced, and dedicated to the cultural aspects of the wines’ country of origin.

At the moment, the business operates on remote OFF-license of Auckland council’s alcohol compliance scheme. This means we do NOT provide pick-up.

Fine Wines World Cellar at the moment stocks high-quality fine wines sourced from over 20 different countries. Though over 90% came from these five countries: New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Spain. This is a result of New Zealand geography, Geo-politics, and consumer expectation. At the moment, the business has over 500 wine products, most are listed in this website. This number is likely to increase as the business gradually expands.

Apart from wines, the business also sell: wine-wares like glasses and decanters; hand-craft beers and fine ciders; domestic and imported deli like cheese, cured meat, dipping sauce and olive oil etc.; The business does NOT sell spirit or any alcoholic beverage with 25% alcohol by volume, due to community safety concerns and the director’s vision.

The non-goods services that Fine Wine World Cellar’s provides including:
1. Dedicated wine tasting sessions at fortnight frequency.
2. Wine courses, designed for consumers at different understanding levels.
3. Domestic wine tourism, usually available upon request.
4. Sommelier and Wine consultant service, available upon request.

Fine Wines World Cellar Director

Derrick Liu is the sole director and the mind behind this business.
A graduate and alumni of The University of Auckland, with a BSc degree majoring in Human Geography; WSET Diploma student; Certified Sommelier; French Wine Scholar; Active member of Wine Educators Society.
Derrick’s expertise lies at cultural aspects of wines, positioning the wines at their respective right places via historical, geographical and anthropological ties. Hoping these values can be appreciated by the wine-loving communities inside New Zealand.

How do we select our wines?

Usually there are five standards that we use to decide if we should select the wine and place into our catalogue. They are by order of importance:
1. Cultural value of the wine.
2. Expression of the wine’s terroir, including the local climate, soil, and wine-making customs.
3. Quality based product Value.
4. The comment from international wine critics.
5. Fame of the wine’s producer and brands.

Even though a wine’s quality is often a topic of opinions and debates, but there are certain objective standards can be used to measure the excellence of great wines. That include the complexity of a wine’s aroma and bouquet, the balance of a wine’s palate, and capability for a wine to pair with great food ingredients. Not all fine wines are expensive, but many are indeed dearer than the average due to extra-mile craft.

Far majority of the wines that were produced inside New Zealand are distributed through professional distributors. Nonetheless, Fine Wine World Cellar would organize visit to the producers’ vineyard and winery. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the wines through observing the soil, vine conditions and wine-making techniques. Not to forget, possibly the most important factor, is to listen to the viticulturist and winemaker’s philosophy on their job.

Despite the business doesn’t have the same privilege to travel to international producers like the NZ counterparts. The imported candidates are still being tasted and examined by at least three professionals in the industry. Aim to provide uncompromising quality on the shelves via relatively unbiased assessment.

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