Château du Cèdre Cahors AOC 2016/2018


Château du Cèdre’s Cahors is medium body Malbec made with sophisticated traditions and techniques, and offer on the nose and palate equally sophisticated aroma and taste. Plenty of black berries, like blackcurrant and mulberry, and toasted wood, spiciness. Some tertiary characters like dried herbs and nuts are still forming.


Certified Organic by E.U.
Product of South-West France
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Cahors AOC, named after the commune in Lot Department, South-West France. It’s by far the most famous wine production appellation in South-West France, and the most prominent Malbec producing region in France. Some believe it to be the homeland of the variety, though there isn’t definitive proof.

The AOC was first established in 1971, more than a decade after Bordeaux has shifted away from Malbec planting due to 1956 winter freeze. The area is much water in comparison, and largely frost-free.

When it comes to soil, the Lot valley is divided into three terraces.

  1. The first, close to the river, alluvial soils covering rocks that have resisted erosion, produce wines are that of supple and fruity wines.
  2. The second is clay rich soil mixed with Quaternary fine silt gives more fleshy wines.
  3. The third terraces, with soils composed of limestone scree from the Causse that produce the richest Cahors wines and the most suitable for aging.

To make a Cahors, the wine has to be a dry red wine. It needs to be made by at least 70% Malbec, the rest can be finished by either Merlot or Tannat. Some locals call Malbec by the name ‘Auxerrois’, though it’s getting less common.

At the moment, around 3300 hectares of vineyards are dedicated to make Cahors AOC wines.

For Château du Cèdre, the Cahors would always have a cuvée of 90% Malbec, 5% Tannat and 5% Merlot. Perfectly balanced, defining the locality by the grape varieties produced around the area. The vine age average around 25 to 30 years old, almost all planted on Limestone scree and Mindel high terraces. These soils naturally limit the fruit yield, and create wines with leaner body but greater wine structure.

Once the grapes are hand harvested, it’s vinified without oenological input. The natural fermentation and post-fermentation maceration last in vats for 30 days. The process extracts colour, flavours and tannin. Then the ageing lasts for 20 months in oak vessels, both barrique and foudre. Adding significant amount of secondary aroma into the wine while preserve the fruitiness.

One of Foudres used in winemaking, it’s well known for keeping the wine’s fruitiness.



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Ageing and Serving

Serve in standard Bordeaux red glasses, at around 17℃.
Drink now or age for more complex tertiary characters in the next 5 years.

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