Cleto Chiarli Ama Il Mio Lambrusco Rosato IGT


This is a sweet and fizzy Rosato wine made from Lambrusco grapes. Fruity and juicy, with refreshing palate. At 7.5% alcohol, it’s a perfect easy-drinking party drink. Or to match with the finger-food in casual dining.


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As a wine producer, Chiarli started back in 1860s as a local restaurant. By early 20th century, the company poured all its energy into getting Lambrusco known outside the local area, laying the foundations for the company’s future development. It wasn’t until 1970s, the sales of Lambrusco exploded, made Chiarli what it is now. Now, it’s one of most established Lambrusco producer near the town of Modena.

In their own words, “Modena is a land of talent, a land where much is expected and delivered, where we work with passion and commitment to create original, often unique and always top-end products.”

Cleto Chiarli’s rosato wine is made exclusively from 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes. Compare to other Lambrusco, the yield is lower, but colour paler. Its unique, captivating colour jumping between red and pink, its brilliant fruitiness, and uncompromising acidity is perfect for all three production methods with which sparkling wine is obtained.

Sorbara variety of Lambrusco, near the estate of Tenuta Sozzigalli.

After the harvest, it goes through the soft pressing of the grapes and very short maceration on the skins. Cold settling of the must and slow “pris de mousse” in “cuves closes”. For this particular Rosato frizzante, single fermentation tank method was used to produce the bubbles. Fermentation had been halted by rapid reduction of temperature, when desired level of alcohol was reached. Thus making the carbon dioxide air-pressure in the wine relatively low, and the wine remains sweet. Sugar left from the juice.

Final alcohol level 7.5% abv, sugar level 50g/L, total acidity 6.5g/L. Great balance between decently sweet and refreshing acidity. Serve chilled, perfect aperitif wine if the guests prefer sweet over dry.


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Serve in flute glasses or casual glasses, at around 10℃.
Drink now, ageing doesn't benefit Lambrusco in general.


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