Dr. Loosen Kinheimer-Rosenberg Dry Riesling 2019/2020 (VDP Großes Gewächs)


Crispy, elegant and intensely aromatic dry wine, with superb palate texture.  Fit to serve at the most special occasions, to enhance the indulgence of white meat sashimi, steamed clam, or delicate cheese. This wine also has incredible potential to improve through proper ageing.

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Dr. Loosen is a family owned business that had been running in Mosel for over 200 years. Since 1988, it is managed by Ernest F. Loosen. Who is a great explorer of terroir influence on the wines. Their wine-making philosophy firmly believes that to achieve marvel of humans working with nature, all of the great winemakers started with a clear vision of what their wines should express before the first grape is picked. For them, individual terroir triumphs over technology. And quality always comes before quantity. Great wines grow from great passion and dedication, and from clear convictions that are realized without compromise.

The Kinheimer Rosenberg surrounds the village of Kinheim. Its south-facing exposition and the proximity to the Mosel offer a perfect micro-climate, which is resembled by the wine’s balance and complexity. The Mosel Valley’s Iron-rich red slate is less common than the
more prolific blue slate found throughout Germany’s Middle
Mosel. Red slate is found mostly in the villages of Erden, Ürzig and Kinheim. In addition to the heat-retaining blue slate soil, the vineyards are characterized by incredibly steep slopes, a favorable position near the river and excellent drainage.

Less common red slate vineyard near Kinheimer

Grosses Gewächs (German equivalent “Great Growth”, or like “Grand Cru” in French wine regions ) The GG wines represent the great potential of our dry Mosel Rieslings from Grosse Lage (Grand Cru) vineyards. All of our spontaneously-fermented Grosses Gewächs wines are given a twelve month maturing period on the lees in old oak barrels (3000l and 1000l) before bottling. This ensures that the wine has an extra dose of elegance and structure for a long life.

If consume now, the wine offers intense and dusty yet refined on the currently impenetrable nose. Dense, rich and concentrated but elegant and enormously energetic on the palate, this is a sustainably salty, tensioned and persistent dry Rosenberg that is very promising but needs time to come back.

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Serve in standard Bordeaux white wine glasses, at around 10℃.
Drink now or age for more complex tertiary aroma until 2039+

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