Cantina La Palma Vermentino di Sardegna DOC ‘Aragosta’ 2020


a Vermentino like this wine is a specialty of the island of Sardinia. It’s light, crispy and aromatic. The wine radiates plentiful of floral, apple, mandarin, and fresh nectarine aroma, yet doesn’t burden the tongue with palate weight. A perfect wine at summer eves, served alongside with finger foods.

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Vermentino is a white grape variety that is commonly grown alongside the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea. Such as Liguria, Piemonte (Piedmont), Toscana (Tuscany) and French Provence, but centered at the Island of Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian).  It’s by far the biggest planting of any white grape varieties on the island.

Vermentino can be found almost anywhere on the island, but the plantings around Gallura is usually regarded as the best by quality standard.  Most of Vermentino are bottled under the appellation of Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, some planted near Gallura are eligible to use Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, the only DOCG level appellation on the Island.

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC was first established on the year 1988, not has dedicated plantings of over 1600 hectares vineyards. To make the wine eligible for using the DOC, Vermentino has to occupy at least 85% of the total volume (most are 100% in practice), and alcohol level at least reaching 10.5%, then bottled on the island.

For this particular producer, Cantina La Palma, most of their vineyards are located near Alghero, North-west side of the Island. Lobster is an important part of local gastronomy, which gained its privilege to be the label icon. Town folks of Alghero love this ideal delicacy and wine match.

La Palma Vineyard near Alghero. The ruin of Carthaginian watchtower can be seen in the background.

All the vines are trained professionally in guyots, with a vine density around 4000 vines per hectare. The yield had been limited, producing fruits with extra flavours. The wines are made protectively with temperature controlled tanks and modern pneumatic presses, limit phenolic dissolution, and prevented most of oxidation, and aroma loss through heat. There is no bottle ageing requirement, thus the wine is released early. Providing a dry white with well-balanced, delicate though distinct palate, with a fresh fragrance reminiscent of ripe apples. Harmonious, dry but not harsh, crisp and rather lively, with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste of almonds.

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Serving and Ageing

Serve in standard Bordeaux white glasses, at around 7℃.
Drink now or within a few years, not suitable to age.


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