Cavino Neméa PDO Grande Reserve 2013 (Agiorgitiko)


This wine was made from high quality Agiorgitiko grapes from more than 750m altitude, aged for 30 months before release. The wine is bold and complex, has full body fruity flavours, alongside with earthy and toasty oak aroma.

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Neméa PDO is easily the most important wine appellation on Greek peninsula of Peloponnese. The local red wine made from Agiorgitiko has an immensely long history. The history record dates it back to 5th century BC, before Alexander the Great. However some legend says that the same wine was served on the table of King Agamemnon, the famous Greek king during the time of Trojan War, modern archaeology would date to 13th century BC. And the locality of Neméa is heavily associated in Greek mythology. Most famous being the place where Heracles completed his first of 12 labours.

Agiorgitiko grapes are sometimes called “Heracles’ blood” in Greece, citing the lore of slaying Nemean lion, but also gives away the varietal’s origin.

Vine planting areas of Neméa is about 20km away from Corinth, much of it still enjoys a warm and dry Mediterranean climate. And the terroir of Neméa can be easily divided into three subzones: the flat land surrounding the village, the hillier land to the west of the village and the more-mountainous areas toward the peak of Mount Kyllini in the north. These zones range between 250 and 800 meters above sea level and give rise to a huge amount of variation in the styles of wine produced in Neméa.

It is widely considered that the best examples of Neméa wine are made from vineyards at the highest altitudes, where thin, gravelly soils and lower temperatures help to produce high-quality grapes. Agiorgitiko is a late-ripening variety and responds well to the diurnal temperature variation that slows the production of sugars in the grapes, helping with the retention of acidity. Vineyards also perform well on Neméa’s red, free-draining soils, which lessen vigor and yields, leading to highly concentrated grapes. Like this case, the grapes came from the vineyard just above 750m of altitude.

For these higher altitude Neméa vineyards, grapes ripen slower and more evenly, leaving significant amount of acidity even at harvest. Allow a balanced wine with great complexity to be made.

Cavino’s growers would hand pick the grapes of this level, and send to the nearest station for vinification. After delivery, the grapes are pressed. Pre-fermentation extraction takes place at low temperatures for about 3 days and they remain in the tank until exhaustion of sugars. Then, the fresh wine is brought down to the cellar for malolactic fermentation and maturation in French and American oak barrels. It remains there for about 18 months. It is then bottled and remains in bottles for at least 12 months

After release the wine would show deep purple colour with vibrant red hues. Aromatic notes of red fruit syrup, roasted fruits, spices. Robust, with well-processed tannins. The finish offers a long after-taste of roasted fruits. After several years of careful ageing, more sweet spices, and roasted nuts flavour become more evident on the palate. The tannin softens as it ages, and it becomes  more ideal with red meat stews or cheese platters.

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Serving and Ageing

Serve the wine in Bordeaux red wine glasses at around 16℃. Match with seasoned lamb or goat meat. Watch for sediments while pouring this wine.

Drink now, the wine is quite mature at this stage, doesn't need more ageing.


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