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Relatively neutral grape varieties like Roditis is used to make retsina. The wine is sealed by pine sap, gradually gaining the unique flavour of pine rosin. Greeks traditionally use the wine to match with salted, pickled olives, anchovies, cured meat and strong cheese.

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Retsina white wines are made tradtionally in many parts of Greece. In ancient times, pine sap was used as glue to repair the cracks on amphorae, prevent wines inside from leaking. The process often grants wines stored inside an unique aroma, that earned a place in Greek culture.

Even today, Greek winemakers still manually extract rosin to make Retsina.

Tsantali winery primarily pick the Roditis variety’s fruit from Attica. It has a neutral flavour profile, medium body and mild lemony, apple aroma, medium plus acidity.

After picking and pressing the grapes, the clarified Roditis must is tank fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The fermentation temperature is capped at 20° C. Small quantities of pine resin are added to the fermenting must. The concentration of resin in the wine is around 0.1%.  At the end of fermentation the resin is removed from the wine, before the wine is filtered and fine. The making of Retsina doesn’t involve oak or any other wooden vessels.

Greek people in old times enjoy eating salted seafood with this strong scented wine. Generally the food needs to have strong flavours to avoid being overwhelmed by the wine.

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Serve in Bordeaux white wine glasses, at around 10℃.
Drink now, not suitable to age.


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