Velenosi Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC Superiore 2020


Lacrima di Morro d’Alba is a distinctive traditional aromatic red wine from Le Marche, next to Adriatic coast of Italy. This particular example is a dry red wine, near purple ruby colour. On the nose it offers intense aroma of mulberry, violet, mixed dark flower, cloves and other sweet spices. Strong minerality accompanied with medium plus acidity on the palate, the mix makes the tannin feel rather tight, nonetheless very satisfiying.

Lacrima grape is rarely seen anywhere outside of Le Marche region.

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Lacrima is a very distinctive grape variety found in Le Marche wine region of Italy. It’s almost exclusively grown only within the appellation Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC. Its fruits have relatively thin skin but quite deep skin pigment, the berries easily burst during ripening, which was probably the reason how it was name, “Lacrima” means “tear drop”, refers to the juice sometimes seen on the berries after skin breaks.  The wine produced by Lacrima usually has medium purple to medium ruby colour, intensely aromatic. Most commonly displayed aroma resembling boysenberries, mulberries, and darker florals like rose petals, violet, also sweet spices like cinnamons and cloves.

Lacrima grape variety is distinctive to Marche region, but it is often confused with “Lacryma Christi” from Campania. The latter as red are usually made by grape variety Piedirosso.

The grape variety was on the brink of exctinction until the appellation of Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC was create in 1985. The DOC encompasses the gentle, coastal hills surrounding the village of Morro d’Alba, about 25km away from the coast. Thus it has a strong, but not immediate influence from Adriatic sea. The soil of the appellation is relatively homogenous, composed of thick clay deposited since Pliocene. Under the DOC’s regulation, up to 15% of other red grapes, namely Montepulciano, can be added to Lacrima, but this practice is now rarely seen.

The wine that made by Velenosi, came from the vineyards located in the municipality of San Marcello, 150 meters above sea level. The vines in these vineyards are cordon-trained, with a density around 5000 vines per hectare. All fruits that go into the vats and made into wines are guaranteed to be 100% Lacrima. Plus that the bottle has “Superiore” endorsed on the label, the wines are made from high quality berries. With sufficient sugar from ripe berries, the wine’s alcohol level is maintained at 13% from natural fermentation.

The Lacrima that made by Velenosi embraces fuller body apporach of the wine made by the grape variety. The intensity doesn’t stop at aroma, but also extends to the entirety of the palate.

2020 was a relatively warm vintage, the wine has fuller body than average. To open it now, the wine offers intense ruby red with violet nuances. If swirl in the glass, there on the nose are elegant aromas of cherry, violet, geranium, rose and cut grass. In the mouth the structure is full-bodied, with a dry taste, and a harmonious tannic structure. The hind palate can keep sensing full and persistent flavour. Afterward, full return to aromatic perceptions that make it pleasant and enjoyable.

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Serve the wine in Bordeaux red wine glasses, at around 15℃.
10 to 15 minutes decanting can help. Match with cured meat, lamb sausages, old cheese.

Drink now or bottle age until 2027.

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