Troupis ‘Tomi’ Mantinia PDO Moschofilero 2019/2020


PDO level iconic Greek aromatic wine at highest quality level of wine-making.  The wine has expressive floral notes, accompanied by tropical fruit aroma resembles lychee, papaya and very ripe guava.

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Troupis winery is situated in the center of the Mantinea Plateau in the Fteri region, the heart of the homonymous wine-growing zone, at an altitude of approximately 700 m. The family has been involved in viticulture since the 1970s, when they used to make their own wine for the year and sell the remaining grapes.

The winery’s history began in 2010, when the family decided to invest in their privately owned vineyards of a total area of 7 hectares. Since then the winery has developed in terms of its facilities, equipment and personnel, resulting in the production of fine quality wines and the provision of quality services to its clients.

Troupis Winery, built in 2010, nearly 40 years after the family first started cultivating the area.

The production zone PDO Mantinia (ΠΟΠ Μαντινεία, sometimes spells in English as Mantineia) was established in 1971 and extends to the central-eastern part of the regional unit of Arkadia in the Peloponnese.

Mantinia’s plateau is located at a mean altitude of 660 meters above sea-level, while the vineyards on the nearby slopes can reach up to 800 meters. The region is surrounded by the mountains of Mainalo to the east, Oligirto to the north, Artemisio to the northeast, Ktenia to the east and Parnonas to the southeast. The climate is Mediterranean with continental influences. It is one of the coldest PDO zones in Greece. It’ a rainy region and snow as well as storms during the summer are common whether phenomena. Cooler temperatures result in a slow and even ripening of the grapes and a late harvest, which usually takes place in mid-October. Hail and frost are two potentially dangerous weather conditions, especially during the spring months.

The law requires Mantinia to be made from at least 85% Moschofilero grapes, but this wine from Troupis is made of 100%.

Moschofilero grapes is a pink skinned aromatic variety, commonly planted in central Pelopennese.

The Troupis family’s low yield cultivation of their privately-owned vineyards along with modern methods of white wine-making highlight the full potential of the Moschofilero variety in the wine Tomi Mantinia. The vineyard’s altitude is at around 620 meters above sea-level.

Consider the wine’s aromatic complexity combining the aromas of white peach, citron and quince which are followed by a slightly acid yet full flavor and after- taste of bergamot and jasmine. Best to match food like Thai curry, garlic prawn, or Korean style sweet-spicy dishes.

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Serve the wine in Bordeaux white wine glasses, at around 10℃.
Drink now, not suitable to age.


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