Martín Códax ‘MARA’ Monterrei D.O. Godello 2019/2021


This is a medium body, crispy, lightly fruity dry white wine. It’s made from a relatively rare grape variety known as Godello, only commonly planted in Northwest Iberian peninsula. Consider its palate profile, it’s a great match with lemon-peppered white fish fillet.

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The wine growing region of Monterrei is a Spanish D.O. appellation, first establish in 1994. It’s located inland, South-east corner of Galicia. Currently there are nearly 600 hectares of vineyards are planted to make wines of this appellation.

Monterrei is the warmest and driest area in Galicia, sharing some climatic characteristics with the Spanish central plain. The Serra do Larouco range produces a rain shadow effect in the area. Besides, summers are long and sometimes dry, sometimes with a daily temperature range sometimes as wide as 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures can fall below 0 °C in winter. Average annual rainfall is about 700 mm and the influence of the Atlantic produces cold autumns.

And local soil is fertile, clayey soils, humid climate, plus high vine density means that wine production is high. Vineyard works like summer pruning and green harvest are common.

The vineyard of Monterrei has its slopes facing local river, Río Támega.

Though the law doesn’t really restrict the choice of grape varieties used for this appellation, there is a list of official recommended grape varieties. Godello is the top choice amongst the white varieties. The variety is sensitive to disease such as powdery mildew, which is why it’s less commonly grown near the coast such as Galicia’s champion producing region, Rias Baixas. When fully ripe, and made into wine, the variety offers lemon, apple and white peach aroma, as well retaining good amount of acidity.

Bodegas Martín Códax was founded in 1985 and was named after the most known Galician troubadour whose medieval poems, the oldest of Galician-Portuguese language with the original music, are preserved. In the poems, the troubadour sings to love and to the sea of our coastline. As a winery made by people for the people. Set up by 270 members, the winery also relies on the collaboration of 300 families whose grapes are supplied to the winery.

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Serving and Ageing

Serve in standard Bordeaux white wine glasses, at between 7℃ and 10℃.
Drink now. This wine doesn't benefit from bottle ageing, but will drink fine before 2027.


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