Ippolito “Colli del Mancuso” Cirò DOC Riserva 2014


Cirò DOC red wine is made from Calabria’s iconic Gaglioppo grapes. The wine is strong and tannic, can be quiet astringent in its youth. However with proper ageing and decant, it can evolve into a wine of great depth and sophistication. Its aroma involves dark berries, earthiness, herbal, spiciness and strong minerality.


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Ippolito is today the oldest winery in Calabria. Located in the historic center of Cirò Marina, the heart of Calabrian viticulture, the farm includes a 100-hectare agricultural estate, distributed between rolling hills and sunny plains near the Ionian Sea, in the classic Cirò area. The company mission has always been the recovery of traditions through the enhancement of native vines, the protection of the territory, intended as an ecosystem to defend and preserve.


Rosso of “Colli del Mancuso” is amongst the premium wines made by Ippolito. It’s a single vineyard wine from Gaglioppo, the most
ancient and noble vineyard of Calabria, exclusively cultivated in Mancuso estate, luscious and fertile hills located at the heart of Cirò area. Gaglioppo grapes are the single most important, and most iconic grape variety planted in Calabria, the toe of Italy. The variety is thought to have a Greek origin (though nothing similar found in Greece nowadays). It’s been planted in Calabria since at least 13th century, could be much older. Usually when made into wines, they have medium ruby colour, but the tannin is rather harsh and flavours robust.

The fruit bunches of Gaglioppo are big and dark. The berries have very thick skin when ripe.
The vineyard near Mancuso Estate, cultivated by Ippolito.

Cirò DOC was established very early in 1969. The current rule for making red wines is that the grapes used need to be 80%+ Gaglioppo, alcohol level reaching 12.5%, and residual sugar level not higher than 4g/L. Ageing requirement before releasing is 2 years for the Riserva.

And Ippolito uses Gaglioppo only, at 100%, and for the vintage, alcohol level is 13,5% by volume. The grapes, were left to mature on
the hills until the second half of October, are carefully selected when harvest. It follows long maceration on the skins and ageing in oak barrels for 12 months in order to achieve an elegant and smooth wine.

When just released, the wine had bright ruby red color, now about ten years onward, colour is not closer to deep garnet. It boasts elegant
perfumes of wild cherry and plums, with subtle notes of spices and vanilla. The flavour is full, smooth and delicately tannic. It is suggested to decant for half a hour to tame the beast inside.

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Decant the wine for 30 minutes before serving. Serve the wine in large Bordeaux red wine glasses, at around 18℃. The wine matches best with red meat roast, slow-cooked meat dishes and smoked games.

Drink now or age until 2029.

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