Judge Rock Alexandra St. Laurent 2014


Sankt Laurent or St. Laurent is a rather rare find in New Zealand. Wines made of this variety share some likeness of Pinot Noir, rich in berry, bramble, floral and fungal aroma. The palate has relatively high acidity, moderate body and smooth tannin. A fine pick for an elegant “something else”.


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Judge Rock is a boutique vineyard of Jacobson-Chiaroni family. Located in the Southernmost sub-region of Central Otago, Alexandra. Latitude 45.3° South. The vineyard planted Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, altogether 4 hectares. Most of the vines were planted in 1998 by John Jacobson. The area has extreme weather, winters can see temperature dropping to -12℃, yet summer heat soaring to 35℃.

Due to mild, yet cool autumn, harvests in Alexandra are usually late, at early April.

St. Laurent, also known as Sankt Laurent is a grape variety, believed to be originated in Burgundy, prior of 16th century. It’s descended as a cross between Pinot Noir and an unknown variety, possibly extinct. Due to historical viticulture purge,  the variety is no longer planted commercially in France, instead widely planted in Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. It’s particularly famous in Burgenland, south-east Austria.

The etymology of ‘St. Laurent’ came from its early ripening tendency, often coincide with the Feast day of St. Laurent on 10th August in Northern hemisphere. St. Laurent refers in English to Saint Lawrence of Valencia, one of seven deacons of his time, a Christian martyr. Upon prosecution and threat of death in exchange for church’s treasure, who famously quoted, say “Here are the treasures of the church. You see, the church is truly rich, far richer than your emperor!” Referring to the poor crowd gathered.

Oil paint of St. Lawrence distributing the Treasures of the Church before his eventual captivity and execution by Bernardo Strozzi.

In comparison to Pinot Noir, St. Laurent in Alexandra makes a wine with more intense colour, especially the purple, violet tune at the rim. The aroma radiates with intense wild berries notes. Like Pinot Noir, there are unmistakable palate flavours of dark cherry and forrest floor notes, but the spice and dark flower go beyond the spectrum of Pinot. The wine-making of Judge Rock allowed the wine to age 10 month in French oak, about 1/4  new, granting it smoother tannin texture and sweeter aroma.

Judging by its acidity, body and tannin texture. The wine can age beautifully over a decade or longer.

New Zealand’s South Island in general has suitable climate to yield excellent quality St. Laurent. Though the variety’s limited fame and unusual peculiarity will hamper this possibility, at least for a long time in the near future.

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Serving and Ageing

Serve in New World Burgundian glasses, at around 15℃.
Roasted duck will match perfectly with this wine.
Drink now, or age until around 2028.

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