Medici i Quercioli Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC


A traditional amabile (semi-sweet, or some people call it off dry, not a dessert wine, you got it) red wine, with fizzy bubbles from Italian Emilia. Exceedingly fruity, with bursting sour cherry, bramble, raspberry flavours. It has enjoyable palate balanced between sweetness and relatively high acidity, soft tannin. A classic aperitif wine.


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Lambrusco grapes are a family of black skinned grape varieties that closely related to one and another, native to Emilia, and South-East Lombardy in Italy, north of Apennines. The grape is traditionally used to make red wines with limited tannin extraction, partly sparkling from fermentation, referred as a frizzante. Often has some residual sweetness from incomplete fermentation, of which the wine will be marked on the label as ‘Secco’ (dry), ‘Amabile’ (semi-sweet), or ‘Dolce’ (sweet).

Lambrusco Grasparossa or simply Grasparossa, is amongst the most important three Lambrusco varieties. It comes second in terms of area planted, after Lambrusco Salamino, but it’s often made into wines with deepest colour and most powerful tannic grip. The variety is most popular grown around the village of Castelvetro, south of Modena.

Lambrusco Grassparossa has thicker skin, often appears to be much darker than other Lambrusco grapes.

The fame of the variety allowed its own DOC appellation, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro to be established in 1970. Currently, there are slightly over 1000 hectares of vineyards are dedicated to this appellation. The law requires this wine to be made from at least 85% of Lambrusco Grasparossa, the rest can be finished with other Lambrusco. No Ageing is require, thus the wine is presented often very fresh in its fruitiness.

Medici family has been producing wines in Emilia since 1890s. The winery processes about 80 hectares of vineyard in the area, mostly vines rooted in clay soil. The business had been distributing widely throughout the world ever since 1970s’ Lambrusco boom in USA. They are often praised for offering top value Lambrusco products. The winning idea was to create a close link between the territory and the wines produced, the rigorous selection of grapes, at the cost of a yield per hectare even 30-40% lower than the DOC regulations, but the guaranteeing wines of unprecedented quality.

Medici Family winery, near Modena.
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Wine Type


Serving and Ageing

Serve the Wine in casual glasses or Bordeaux red wine glasses, at around 13℃.
Suitable to drink now, as an aperitif red.


Alcohol level: 8.0% abv.
Residual sugar: 51.0 g/L.
Total acidity: 6.5 g/L
Volatile acidity: 0.35 g/L


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